Top 5 Common Tech Support Problems

Top 5 Common Tech Support Problems

Whether you are dealing with your old PC or your own tailor-made gaming rig, troubleshooting Computer problems is a part of our day to day life. Before you make that $50 support call, though, try your hand at some of the tech support problems. We bring you the best support representatives in the business about the most common problems how to fix it – and how you can resolve it by yourself.

My PC is too slow
The initial step to fixing a slow PC is to confirm that your machine is the genuine source of the problem or not. Videos that look to buffer forever, and sites that take periods to load, may not be your PC’s fault. According to Geek Squad agent Derek Meister many people incorrectly recognize a slow system as the problem when “it’s factually not the PC, (but) their broadband connection.” If the problem is in your Computer, inspect whether you have sufficient free space on the hard drive which is placed in your operating system. Windows requires room in order to create files while your system is running.

Downloads are taking forever is your good friend when you are facing connectivity problems. Run a speed test in order to see what your download and upload speeds are – normally they should be at least 50% of your Internet service provider’s publicized speeds, with a ping under atleast 100 milliseconds. If the speeds look solid, make sure that you aren’t accidently uploading and downloading anything. It is fact that a number of torrent downloading programs runs in the background and minimize into the system tray.

Machine keeps restarting
Hardware problems are very tough to diagnose and resolve. First of all, ensure that you aren’t just getting the recent wave of Windows updates, which can naturally restart your PC during installation process. Then work upon on updating all of your crucial system drivers like your graphics card, motherboard and network card drives. “Sometimes it can also be viruses, sometimes it may be adware, and sometimes it can be overheating, as stated by “Geek Squad’s Meister.

Pop-up ads on my desktop
If you are not operating your Web browser and are still facing pop-up ads on your Computer, you have to most likely installed adware – a program that exhibits undesired ads. Moreover tolerant adware exists, many of time adware is not so good. Getting void of it isn’t as much as easy. Running a full system scan with credible antivirus software should be your first step. If that scan doesn’t find and remove the adware, switch to Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Free, an awesome utility for eliminating all sorts of malware. Just make assure to disable your antivirus software before running it. “A number of antivirus programs running at the similar time will often cause problems,” according to Falcon Northwest’s Petrie.

Google doesn’t look right
Browser hijackers are a specifically horrible breed of malware. This type of programs takes over your Web browser and can sneakily redirect your Google searches and other enquiries to fake pages meant to theft your personal information. Running a real-time antivirus utility is the awesome way to stay secure. If your browser has already been hijacked, uninstall the browser and utilize your antivirus program in coincidence with Malwarebytes in order to eliminate the invader.

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