Manage Gmail inbox

  How to manage emails in Gmail

Gmail has introduced a new priority feature which allows user to find the messages and sort them for you thereby preventing email overloading problem.

Gmail technical support

Gmail technical support for U.S.A.

How to use Gmail priority inbox

  1. Log into your Gmail account and select Priority inbox under Inbox.
  2. Wait until your priority inbox option is activated by Gmail. This process will not take too much time.
  3. After activation of this feature your inbox will look like this

    gmail inbox

    gmail inbox

  4. Important and unread mails are listed first
  5. Starred items in the second list
  6. All other mails are listed in the last

If you don’t want to see actual emails then you can remove each set of headers by using the tiny black arrows located in each header.

You can easily remove mistakes that gmail makes in highlighting the importance of your email messages by simply pressing the tabs and stars at the start of each mail line. These tab or stars option are helpful in representing increased or lowered email importance so that your priority inbox learn your preferences.

In future if you don’t want this priority inbox then you can change it back by selecting the old inbox type in Settings.

Apart from this if you have any issues you can contact Gmail technical support for resolution of your queries.



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