How to open Yahoo-mail in Outlook

Microsoft outlook is popular throughout the world for its easy functionality and features. The best feature of this web-mail service is that it allows maintaining multiple email account through which you can access your email from different account from a single place.

The procedure to access Yahoo-mail account in Microsoft outlook is

How to open Yahoomail in Outlook
1.    Open Microsoft Outlook and click on the Tools tab at the top. Select Account setting from the drop down list and go to email.

2.    Click on new in the pop up box. Select the option Microsoft exchange, POP3, IMAP or HTTP and click on Next.

3.    Fill the information such as name, email address and Password in the Account set up section and click on the check box manually configuring server setting and then go the Next button.

4.    Select the internet email option and click Next. Give the email account information in the internet email settings and type the incoming, outgoing server information in the required area.

5.    In case you have Yahoo-mail, the incoming server address will be and outgoing mail server address is The username and password will be the same and the password you enter will be that of Yahoo-mail.

6.    After entering all the information. Click on more setting and then Next.

7.    Click on Advanced tab and then enter 995 as incoming server and check the box that mentions    server requires an encrypted connection (SSL).

8.    Type 465 in the Outgoing server box and choose SSL from the drop down box situated next to Leave a copy of the message on the server.
Check the box next to Leave a copy of message on the server.

9.    Select My outgoing server requires authentication and check the box Use same setting as my incoming mail server. Click ok

Then restart the program and start accessing Yahoo-mail in Outlook. If you need any technical support like recover password, hacked account, account blocked, not able to access my account, attachment not working, not able to send or receive query. Then you can contact at recover yahoo mail or call on toll free no. 18008632390.

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