Why Outlook Fails To Send Emails?

Why Outlook Fails To Send Emails?


Are you frustrated with your Outlook application because it frequently unsuccessful to send emails to your valuable contacts? Then, there is satisfactory news for you regarding sending emails to your clients. With uncomplicated provision and troubleshooting procedure, you can now be able fix almost 80% of the Outlook troubles. Outlook is a computer or PC desktop email client application. It can be integrated with multiple email accounts that utilize various protocols like POP3, Exchange server and IMAP. When you perceive Outlook not dispatching emails, you must inspect out what are the causes of this trouble. Here are some schemes of Outlook problems. The crucial steps for settling the problem are given side by side. But this software is neither flawless nor impeccable. If you have not faced Outlook problems that destitute you of much required functionality, then you are a lucky customer. Regardless, it is nice to be always armed with some techniques when Outlook rebel and discontinue the progress of your work.

Net Connectivity Issue
Outlook needed an active internet connection in order to accomplish its major purpose which is to send and receive emails. If you perceive that Outlook is not dispatching emails, the initial thing to notice at is the status of the net connection. Open a web browser and load any new web page and glimpse whether the page is loading quicker or not. If not, you have problems with your existing net connection. After that scenario you require to contact your internet service provider (ISP) and appeal them to reinstate the connection properly. If you encounter email-sending troubles in Outlook despite having a good speed internet connection, it might be produced by any other reason.

Expanded PST File
By convectional, Outlook deposits all crucial data it downloads from the email servers regionally to a file a called PST. The supreme size that this file can outstretch is limited to 2 GB. If you were one of them who send or receive enormous number of emails per day, your PST file would become oversized in no time. Before that occurs, you must back up all your crucial data in Outlook to another place and then empty the Outlook portfolio. This will liberate free space in the PST file and hinder many a number of Outlook troubles. Moreover frequently, Outlook PST files get corrupted due to fatal virus infections or registry adaptations. Moreover, Outlook arrives with a preinstalled PST repair tool. By implementing this special installed tool, you can be able to replace or repair your corrupted PST file.

Wrong Outlook Settings
If you have wrongly configured your email profile in Outlook application, you would not be able to dispatch or send emails in it. In order to verify your email settings, just open the Outlook and steer to the Accounts section. Examine that if you have entered an accurate SMTP server settings and port number for your existing troublesome account. If you are not sure about these details, try to communicate your email service provider in your regional area and verify the same.

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