Top 5 Wireless Router Problems

Top 5 Wireless Router Problems

No guarantee when good routers convert into bad but on the other side it is not always bad. Many a times it’s just a router is looking for a little attention and love. If you are connected to your network, surfing the internet or attempting to play some game or just to watch any movie, video and suddenly you feel like things are not working according to you. That feeling isn’t superior and what happens at that time, you really want to shoot your router and blast away. But in real terms this is not the actual solution. Though it is a predictable reaction as we know routers are not that much cheap. So in this article we will cover those common issues related to router that certainly causes sometimes severe headaches.

It’s so slow we can’t do anything
There may be a couple of things that may cause this problem. Let’s understand like this way, a number of routers operate on the 2.5GHz band. So do baby monitors, Microwave ovens, cordless phones and some other electronic gadgets. Have you added anything to the nature currently that works on the 2.5GHz band – just about when the problem begins? If this happen, turn it off and see there is any improvement. Moreover if that’s not a problem, make an attention that the 2.5GHz band has only 3 real channels (1, 6, 11) despite professing to have eleven. Your neighbors who are using Wi-Fi are also utilizing those similar channels. So it works slowly during rush hour.

Modify your firmware
Next step, try to upgrade your firmware. This is a task that will probably make you nervous. The normal procedure is to proceed to your adapter’s or router’s website and discover or download an upgraded firmware if available. Once the latest firmware is downloaded to your computer, proceed back to the adapter’s or router’s setup via its software or browser, detect the management part and locate the proper firmware up-gradation. Its looks that much easy but still you may lose it thinking of all the feasible things that may go inaccurate.

So slow can’t get Game On
There can be a few reasons for this problem to happen, commonly noticed: a number of game players, a jammed 2.5GHz band on your router, or even a router that isn’t optimized for game playing. Earlier also we have disclosed the 2 possible solutions mainly Netgear’s WNHDEB111 networking or Linksys’s WGA600N. This occurs to be gaming adapters that added to your present network. However, they don’t increase the speed of your network at all but facilitate transmission between the adapters itself which permits you to bypass the bottlenecks. There are various gaming routers that are only made for gaming purposes.

You are Locked Out
Are you in trouble – relax, you can reset the device to factory settings. A number of routers have a reset button placed into the back of the case. It’s some occasion when ringed in red but frequently it’s just an extremely tiny hole into which you must blindly plunge a safety pin tip, so you can depress the placed reset button for mainly 3 to 5 seconds.

No Wi-Fi Signal
If your office or home is so far from your router that no Wi-Fi signal will received. The best and most understood solution is to run a CAT 5e cable between the two points, but that’s not a feasible solution for a number of people who have neither the funds to get it done nor the ability to do it themselves. Landlords who are not willing to holes poked via their ceilings and walls; there may be some difficulty in that case. If you discover yourself in that rather large group of people, all isn’t lost.

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