6 Tips to resolve Gmail Slow Load issues

The common problem that Gmail users generally face is that it takes a lot of time to log in or switch between different folders. To resolve this issue we will take a look at some of the tips…
Gmail Technical Support

Add the? no check browser argument in the URL: https://mail.google.com/gmail?nocheckbrowser
This is very easy and effective way which will lower down the time taken to load the login page.

Enable the useful lab features and disable the less important features and add the? Labs=0 argument to the URL. Disable features one by one until you find a particular feature which disturbs the rate at which Gmail account opens.

To avoid slow load issues you can disable chat- For this to happen scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click on “standard without text” link in the footer.

If you are not using chat then under chat tab disable the chat history feature on the settings menu

Under Gmail settings reduce the number of ‘conversations’ on each page by changing ‘maximum page size’ option to 25. This will make Gmail to load faster.

If you are using Firefox 3.5 with Skype add on then it can lower down the rate of opening Gmail log in page. Remove this add-on and you will observe a change in speed. It should be noted that the extensions/add-ons/plugins can cause speed issues.

Stale browser cache may leave some unnecessary data behind. Clear the browser data and start with a clean slate. You can find this option in “Options” or “Preferences” menu.

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