5 Most Common Printer Complaints

5 Most Common Printer Complaints

Printers are the important gadget in our day to day life and on the other hand they can present a provoking range of issues to customers. Printers operates through ink, their output standard may be inaccurate, may print at a plodder pace, paper may jam on regular basis. On few occasions, they just decline to print at all and you have no option just sit on fume. Luckily, many of these conditions can be solve. In this article we will describe 5 common printer complaints by users that are commonly emerges at any time and also suggest tips on how to solve them by contacting online tech support.

My printer won’t print?
If you observe a number of error messages directing you to the problem, time to check your printer and firstly be sure that the printer is still connected, through Ethernet cable or USB – for a wireless model – the Wi-Fi is facilitate and moreover you are connected to the accurate network. The printer software and driver requires to be installed on the PC you desire to print from. It is feasible that the driver may become corrupted; it should be again reinstalled; examine the maker’s download page for the recent version. If it still doesn’t work for you, check out the troubleshooting part in the printer’s User guidebook, and if required contact online tech support.

My printer is running out of ink?
You don’t have to rush in order to replace cartridges if you receive a low-ink notification. Approximately all printers have some type of ink tank level display, and will give you a notification when your ink is too low. The perfection of these notifications varies separately according to models and manufacturers. On some occasions you will receive low-ink notifications much before the ink level is alarmingly low. The only suggestive method to determine if this is the instance, by pursuing to print rather than concentrating on warning and observing how long it takes until & unless output quality begins to degrade or may be the printer shuts down, forcing you to replace cartridges. Then you will come to know that either the warnings are authorized or impulsive, and have an idea of how long you have to wait and when that ink will be replaced. If you are having a large and important print job, it is advisable to contact online tech support as soon as possible so that your work may not affected.

Can’t be able to print from my mobile?
When your printer is old or a non-Wi-Fi supportive model, you apparently can print from a smartphone or tablet. Absolutely what you will be able to print is totally rely on your situation. Most of the new Wi-Fi printers supported AirPrint, which permits customers of iOS devices print to them (provided the iPhone, iPad, or iPod and printer are on the similar Wi-Fi network). All major printer manufacturers have delivered apps so that iPhone, iPad and Android users can print from their devices. You can also print to a non- Wi-Fi supportive printer as well, but in a condition that your network has a wireless access point, by utilizing one of the programs that needs you to install a utility on a networked PC.

My printer is too slow
It is fact that some printers are pumas and some are lazy, but you may be capable to get even a lazy printer to speed up a part. Unless you require high-quality output for an orthodox report or the like, print in draft mode. Please avoid duplex (two-sided) printing, as the printer has to overturn the document in order to print on both sides, which can importantly slower down its speed. If you can pick between printer drivers, print from a host-based; however PostScript drivers can print photos at superior quality that may come due to outlay of speed.

My papers got jam?
Luckily, paper jams problem are less common, but they still can happen without any prior warnings. As far as this problem is concerned the most common cause of paper jams may be paper misalignment. Be confident to square off the heap of paper before putting it in the tray, also be confident about that the mentors are flush with the paper and also take care of over-filling the tray. If this doesn’t working for your problem, examine the troubleshooting part of the printer’s or user guidance book, and if required contact the online tech support for any assistance.

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