What Is Network Security Support

What Is Network Security Support


In this interconnected world, (NSS) Network Security Support is a set of libraries designed to support cross-platform improvement of security-enabled client and server applications. It is originated from the libraries developed when Netscape originated the SSL security protocol. Applications that were constructed under NSS can support SSL v2 and v3 or other security standards. If you want to add support for SSL or any other internet security standards to your application, you can operate Network Security Services to execute all your security features. Network Security Support gives you a complete open-source implementation of crypto libraries used by AOL, Google and other various companies. In addition, NSS provides essential security tools required for diagnostics, debugging, certificate and key management or other development tasks.

National Security of internet has become more important to personal PC’s users and the organization. Security is important for both networks and applications. Network Security is an analytical requirement in emerging networks because there is a shortage of good security methods that can be easily established. There is a big communication gap between developers of security technology and developers of networks. The NSS works on Open System Interface (OSI) model due to which it offers flexibility, modularity and standardization of protocol. When we talk about network security, it must be cleared that the whole security network is secure. Network security not only concern with security of computers but also a communication channel should not be vulnerable to attack. Various types of attacks through the internet need to be examined properly to be able to detect them and safeguard against them.

Business Benefits Network Security
There are a lot of business benefits with Network security as your company will experience a lot of business benefits. More importantly your company will get protection from business disruption, which helps the employees to be productive. It also helps to meet mandatory regulatory compliance with other companies. As National Security helps to protect your customer’s data, it slower down the risk of legal action from data theft.


How SSL Works
It is true that no single solution can protect you from a number of threats; you require multiple layers of security. If any one of them fails, others still stand. Network Security is experienced through various hardware and software. The software must be regularly updated and managed to protect you from dangerous threats. The main components of NSS are –

  • Anti-virus and anti-spyware
  • Firewall, to block unofficial access to your network.
  • (IPS) Intrusion Prevention Systems, to recognize fast-spreading threats.
  • (VPN’s) Virtual Private Networks, to give secure remote access.

Our Services
iGlobe Solutions has been offering you an extreme level of Security Support Services to its clients. We have a certified computer security services, providing a wide range of professional services that aimed to help organizations of all sizes to eliminate security vulnerabilities and to recover from the damage that are caused by a security breach. We believe to provide remote or premise services and also develop economical fixed-cost security elimination packages to provide customized services at economical cost.

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