How to design your Signature in Yahoo mail?

How to design your Signature in Yahoomail

This article will forge and understanding on how to design your signature in yahoo mail easily.

How to set up your signature in Yahoo mail?

1.    Click on the gearbox in the right-hand corner of your Yahoo-mail
2.    Select a setting from the gearbox
3.    Choose the Writing email category
4.    Under signature choose either a plain text signature or rich text signature
5.    Type the signature and click on save

How to set up signature in Yahoo mail Basic?

1.    Select options from the drop-down menu on the left-hand side of the Sign out option.
2.    Select the option Show a signature on all outgoing messages.
3.    Then type the signature
4.    Click on save.

To add rich HTML formatting to your Yahoo Mail signature

1.    Click on the gearbox on the right-hand side of your Yahoomail
2.    Select Settings
3.    Choose writing email category
4.    Under signature use rich text signature
5.    Design it using the formatting toolbar
6.    Click on Save

Insert Image to your signature in Yahoo-mail

1.    Open the image you want to use for your signature in internet explorer or Mozilla Firefox
2.    The image you use must be present on the webserver or it starts with HTTP:/
3.    To open image as a part of your signature in

Internet explorer

  • Right-click on the image
  • Select properties from the resulting list
  • Highlight the entire address
  • Press Ctrl C
  • Click OK
  • Highlight the address bar
  • Press Ctrl V
  • Click Enter

When using Mozilla Firefox

First Right-click on the image
Choose view image info
Use Ctrl-A
Press Ctrl C
From the gearbox select the setting
Pick Writing mail option category
Below signature select rich text under the drop-down menu
Place the cursor where you want the image to be inserted
Press Ctrl V
Click Save

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