4 Easy Steps To Repair Internet Explorer 8

repair internet explorer 8

In this article we discuss about how to repair Internet Explorer 8. The current version of Internet Explorer gives tight security with many characteristics including secret surfing. As a result of this, there are objections that Internet Explorer hangs more repeatedly and takes enough time.

Today, in this blog we will explain you how to repair Internet Explorer 8 problems. Frankly speaking, the trouble of slow load time is not particular to Internet Explorer 8 alone. Slow performance and overheating applies to almost all browsers – not only the ones from Microsoft – depending upon the situations wherein they are utilized.

There may be several causes for this attitude. However, as number of people uses the latest version of Internet Explorer, IE8, the complaints are additional – indicating slow load timings is a crucial flaw in the latest version of IE.

On the other side, there are also many customers who are enjoying the features of Internet Explorer 8. It does take longer loading time, but, once loaded, it is fair enough for working, gaming, entertainment, etc.

Why Repair Internet Explorer 8 Is Important?

It is fact that Internet Explorer 8 does create problems on some operating machines, the crucial one being its non-responsiveness at some times. On some machines, the problem is so periodically that it led to several discussions. Hence, the latest version of Internet Explorer is the most fixed browser among all.

Before proceeding towards fixation on how to repair Internet Explorer 8, we would like to draw your attention towards the reason why it takes so much time to load. If you have used Internet Explorer 8 earlier, you will agree that there are several features in its latest version.

When you open a fresh window in it, it makes you to wait for a longer time before granting you the menu for navigation. This happens only because it has to load all of the customary accelerators and plug-ins.

A number of these add-ons and plug-ins have to be loaded into the electronic memory at the time you browse. Other extras (plug-ins) are loaded on demand and are cached for additional use.

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Step 1

It is noticed that a number of times, the actual problem is with your antivirus or antispyware. In fact, faulty settings in your antivirus and antispyware can create problems not only with Internet Explorer but also with browser or application needed data transmission over a network.

In order to check if they are the cause, turn them to off mode. Shut down all open windows of Internet Explorer 8 and open a new one. If it works excellent, the problem is with your antivirus software only.

Afterwards, you may then fix it by updating or reinstalling it or even by replacing the one. But, if your Internet Explorer still causes troubles, check out our next step.

Step 2

Add-ons or plug-ins are either added physically or are added at the time of installation of any application like Adobe Acrobat Reader. A corrupt add-in may also be the reason for an Internet Explorer to freeze. To examine this, make a right click on the icon of Internet Explorer and choose the option Run without Add-ons.

If Internet Explorer started working properly, one or more of the add-ons are corrupt and you should trail the following procedure mentioned in the next paragraph in order to fix the problem. If it is not working accurately even with add-ons impair, you may move to next step.

Step 3

There is high probability that one of the processes on your machine is clashing with the performance of Internet Explorer. To examine this, you will have to check your Internet Explorer in a clean boot environment.

The link also describes how to segregate the process of hindering that makes Internet Explorer 8 to freeze. If your issue is not fixed, you will have to proceed for a reset as mentioned in the step below.

Step 4

Resetting Internet Explorer repairs the browser to the state when it was initially installed. The 1st section of the article Troubleshooting and Reinstalling Internet Explorer in Windows XP describes how to repair Internet Explorer 8.

If the browser performs fine after resetting Internet Explorer, your problem is resolved. Otherwise you will have to re-register all elements of Internet Explorer 8.

If the problem solved after re-registering all elements, you are done with troubleshooting process. If the Internet Explorer 8 freeze appears again, the final solution is to reinstall Internet Explorer 8.

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