What to do when your PC is affected by virus

PC is affected by virus

Computer virus is a general problem that the users face these days and it is very essential to protect your system from virus because they can damage your system or your personal information can be fetched from the account. In this article we discuss what to do when your PC is affected by virus? So to protect your system against virus

computer is affected by virus

Get a basic knowledge of viruses

Before installing antivirus into your computer you should have a basic knowledge of virus like what is virus and how it can affect your system
Virus is generally a small software program that is created to spread from one computer system to other and to make an interface with computer operation.
Some of the viruses are stopped even before they start. A computer virus can corrupt or delete data from your personal data on the system. It makes use of the user email program to spread into other computer system and might even erase the data on the hard disk.
Virus can come in various forms like greeting cards, audio and video files or funny images.
Computer viruses can enter your system through downloading on the internet. They can be hidden in relevant software or files or programs that you download.

Make use of the best antivirus

Depending on the factors such as opening malicious websites, downloading files and email attachment, you can install antivirus. If you have no protection against the virus then your system will get affected within a few hours.

Get Continuous updates on the virus

After installing antivirus on the computer system you should keep a continuous look on the latest updates on the status of virus because virus usually comes on a daily basis. With all these updates you will be able to stay ahead and your system will be protected against the virus.

Why PC is affected by Virus?

Stay away from virus infected sites. While surfing the internet you came across various websites which offer free screensavers and illegal software downloads. So avoid going to these websites as these may contain virus. Make distance from the websites which have information written in foreign language.

Change your setting regularly-

If you are having extremely confidential and crucial data, then setting of email can be changed to protect your system. You can also disable the option to open email attachment.
When you transfer data from pen drive or CD there is a possibility of virus.

Protection from firewall

Ensure that you have a firewall enabled in your computer. You can go to control panel and setting to activate it. Installing multiple antivirus programs on the computer is not a good practice.
Therefore you should spend on virus protection so that you can avoid any loss of data as prevention is better than cure.

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