Can I Connect My iPad To A Wireless Printer?

Connect My iPad To A Wireless Printer


In this article we discuss can I connect my iPad to a wireless printer. Apple’s iPad supports wireless connection with several other devices, including a wireless printer also in your home or office.

Moreover, the iPad doesn’t require any additional or more software in order to print anything without wire connectivity; as long as your printer is suited with the iPad you just only require to set your printer, on the same Wi-Fi network on which the iPad is functioning and you will be able to print in no time at all. Here are some tips on how to do it.


Most of Apple’s iOS devices, which include the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch, all have a feature called AirPrint that mainly connects with a wireless printer over a wireless network in order to provide your iOS device the capability to print.

AirPrint isn’t a stand-alone program; but it integrates with iOS core programs like Safari, Mail, etc permitting you to print Web pages, photos, and emails properly.

Compatible Printer

AirPrint performs with most, but not all, wireless printers. In order to ensure that you have wireless printing functionality, Apple offers a complete list of all compatible printers on its website.

Most renowned printer companies are depicted on the AirPrint compatibility list, but double-check on your particular printer model is on the list before you attempt to set up AirPrint. If you haven’t purchased a printer till now, check the list before marching towards the shop.

Set Up Printer

In order to get complete access to the wireless printer from your Apple iPad, you must first install the printer settings on your wireless network then connect your iPad to a wireless printer. Each printer maker has different steps for this: some needed plugging the printer into one desktop and installing on a USB connection, while others permit for a straight network setup process.

Follow the particular instructions to your printer in order to connect the wireless printer to your existing network. Once the printer is started functioning on the network, open the printer’s software on your desktop and look for an examination of the box directing towards the message “Enable AirPrint.” Moreover, not many printers have this setting; only some require you to turn it on before printing from an iOS device.

Configuring AirPrint

Toggle on the Wi-Fi when your iPad is ON and connect to the similar wireless network as per your printer requirement; then open Safari, Mail, etc. Choose the content that you desire to print and then tap the “Print” icon. Make sure your printer is ON.

Tap the printer to select its menu in order to print your document. You may observe an error message saying “No AirPrint gadgets found” if the printer is out of ink or has a by default message on its control panel, but for the certain part you can be able to print it without any issue. This is a simple way to connect my iPad to a wireless printer

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