How to configure Outlook express for Yahoo mail account?

configure Outlook express for Yahoo mail

Many users find it difficult to configure Microsoft outlook for the yahoo email account. In this article, we will see how we configure Outlook express for Yahoo mail.

Process Of configure Outlook express for Yahoo mail

The first thing that you have to do for configuring Microsoft outlook is to upgrade your yahoo mail account to Yahoo Mail Plus, which is a paid service. Yes, it’s a fact that you cannot set up a free Yahoo email account in Outlook express. If you try to set up a free Yahoo account in Outlook Express, Yahoo will block it.

 For up-gradation of Yahoo account, you have to visit the official yahoo website. After up-gradation, open Outlook Express. Highlight the Tool tab and at that point to Accounts. In the account window, you will see all the emails.
To start setting Yahoo Mail Plus account, you have to click on Add button on the right-hand side and then select mail.

This will open the internet connection Wizard window. Then type your first name in the name box. Click on the Next button. Type your email address in the email address box provided. Give the correct email address as the incorrect address will lead to unsuccessful set up of your mail account and it will show error messages. Click on Next. Select POP3 as your incoming mail server from the drop-down arrow.

Then type incoming server as and outgoing mail server as in the relevant box. Click Next. Fill in your email address in the account name box. Fill in the password. Click on the check box to remember the password, if it is not checked automatically.

Then click the Next button. Click on the Finish button to avoid the Internet connection wizard window. Now you will come back to the account window where you will see your newly set up Yahoo mail account. Select it and click on the properties icon on the right-hand side. In the properties dialog box, highlight the Servers tab. Click to check the box next to my server which needs authentication under the outgoing Mail server.

Advanced Tab

Now take your cursor to Advanced Tab. Type 465 as the outgoing server number in the outgoing mailbox and 995 as the incoming server number in the incoming mailbox. Check both the boxes mentioning this server requires a secure connection below the incoming and outgoing mail servers. Adjust the server time out if you want otherwise leave this option. Then you have to check the box having written leave a copy of the message on the server. This will allow you to check or read messages from anywhere in the world.

If you don’t check this option, all the messages will be downloaded to your Outlook Express from the webmail account. So in case if you are away from your home computer and want to open your web-mail account for any new messages from an outside internet connection you will not be able to read the message. Then click on the apply button and then the Ok icon to exit from the Properties window. Exit the account window. Close outlook expresses and reopens it so that changes can be saved. Then after click on send/receive button to start downloading the messages. This is the simple process of configuring Outlook express for Yahoo mail

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