5 Common Hotmail Problems

5 Common Hotmail Problems

If you are facing problems with your existing Hotmail account, you should try to sort it out. But the question arises how? It is fact that the MSN website is not always the most user-friendly origin of all information. It’s there somewhere, but you will not be able to detect common issues with proper instructions in order to fix them. Moreover, if it is one of the following issues, you are fate. Today we will discuss some of the common Hotmail problems which emerge at any time in front of you and if not resolved by your efforts you can also contact online Hotmail Tech Support if required.

1. Reset Your Password

Starting with one of the most common problems with Hotmail users is forgotten passwords. To solve this issue, choose the “Can’t access your account?” link on the sign-in slide. After that, you will be switched to the password reset page and needed to type your email address and the characters which you should type are shown on the Captcha image. Further, you will be given the choice to have a password reset link sent to your secondary email address provided by you. If you don’t have that, you will be offered another option for Microsoft to restore access to your account, but it can take near about 24 hours for this to work, and after doing all this if your problem is not solved call a toll-free number for Hotmail Tech Support in order to assist you in the accurate direction.

2. Split Attachments Across Multiple Emails

If you are facing some issue in sending an email because you have crossed the attachment size authorized by the recipient’s ISP or email service provider, then you have to run into another common email issue. The fast fix to this problem is to decrease the size of your attachment if possible. Moreover, you can also separate a number of attachments into a fewer numbers. If it’s one huge attachment giving you troubles, attempt a free file transfer website, such as Drop-Box, and if your problem is not solved call a toll-free number for Hotmail Tech Support in order to assist you in an accurate direction.

3. Double Check Incoming Email Settings for Email Client

If you are facing a problem with incoming emails and you are utilizing a third-party email client such as Outlook. You may require examining your email settings. Be confident about the incoming server whether it is correct or not and that Secure Password Authentification is selected. Then do the double cross-check whether you have accurately entered the mail server port as “995” or not. Moreover, if your problem is not solved call the toll-free number for Hotmail Tech Support.

4. Enable Third-Party Cookies

One more common problem is that an alternation in your browser settings is generating Hotmail issues. Hotmail requires that you permit third-party cookies to be acquired by us. You may require updating this in the privacy settings of your browser. Stil your problem is not solved call a toll-free number to get Tech Support from Hotmail Team.

5. If All Fails, Ask for Help

In the end, if you have an issue that still isn’t covered above, attempt to switch over to the Microsoft Community Forums. Possibilities are that you are not the first to face this issue and an instant search will probably provide you help. Go to Microsoft Community and freely ask your questions provided in the search box. If you don’t find the accurate answer to your questions, you can then post your question or take help from Hotmail Tech Support in order to assist you in an accurate direction.

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